At All Set Events we offer the highest level of customer service, while simultaneously pursuing planning perfection and leaving no detail overlooked. We understand the importance and value behind executing a seamless event for your organization. The event is a direct reflection of your brand, knowing this, we prioritize learning the core values of your company. In doing so, it guarantees we are producing an event that resonates with you, your staff, clients, and customers.  

We love collaborating with our clients, but also understand that some clients prefer being less involved in the details, in which case, leave everything in our capable hands. Our team has produced events across the globe from black-tie auctions, c-suite dinners, holiday parties, brand activations, employee appreciation events, to incentive programs - all impactful, memorable, and well done.

We source the ideal venue, design the look and feel of your event articulated through a robust design deck, select the perfect vendors, manage the budget, and all the complex details. We have mastered the art of producing events that are logistically sound and aesthetically unique. 

In order to stay true to our mission, to deliver exceptional service to all of our clients, we limit the number of events we produce every year.  

In my decade-long career working in Experiential Marketing, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the foremost agencies around the world. All of that being said, working with Heather and her team is an unparalleled experience from start to finish. 

Heather is a consummate professional. She operates from a place of transparency and partnership, always. She makes the planning process clear, efficient and as low-stress as possible. As a creative, she continually is pushing herself and her vendors to be better and it shows. This is also demonstrated in her production skills. Very few Events professionals can “do it all” excellently, but Heather truly executes at 110% across all categories. I cannot stress how special that is. 

Lastly, as a client, the event process can be incredibly stressful. It means long hours and working through endless problems. Heather is not just enjoyable, she is the best partner you could ask for. She makes solving the hardest problems fun.

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